TX Time out still timing out

OK, so I commented out totime = 180000 in rpt.conf, restarted asterisk and TX still drops after 3 minutes. What am I missing?

If you are asking how to disable the timeout timer… cop,8 disables the timeout timer as does Control State totdis. Both documented in the AllStar WiKi.

I placed in my existing startup macro *99908, uncommented the line 908 = cop,8 (as this is a private node, I don’t care if default codes are exposed or not) and restarted (service asterisk restart)

It still times out after 3 minutes

Assuming you changed the funchars to *99 (with inxlat) that should have worked.

However I’d recommend using Control State for this being as you likely want the timeout always off, or at least off at startup.

controlstates = controlstates   ; points to control state stanza


;statenum = copcmd,[copcmd]...
0 = rptena,lnkena,apena,totdis,ufena,noicd  ; Normal operation, timeout timer disabled

Thanks for that. Does that go into rpt.conf?

I have repeatedly said (or perhaps more accurately bitched about), the Allstar documentation is absolutely horrid. NOWHERE have I found ANYWHERE in the documentation anything CLOSE to what you’ve been so kind to share. I’ve search the Wiki (and here) for “timeout” and “time out” and even grep’d the various conf files in /etc/asterisk for the terms and none have been helpful

Has anyone considered that with such complexity comes the need for documentation that is actually helpful? The Wiki is, quite honestly, a pathetic joke. It assumes a basic, underlying foundational understanding of Allstar, its terminology and mechanisms. Lacking that knowledge, the reader is left scratching their head and wondering WTF such-and-such means

Yes, in rpt.conf

Except most of the stuff I’ve been pasting and linking is from the wiki. I won’t argue that the wiki isn’t in need of work, but “a pathetic joke”? I don’t think so.

How’d you like to help us improve the documentation? Would you like a wiki account?

In any case, here a couple of search results for your consideration.

Right. Now show me how a Wiki search of “timeout” refers me to “ControlStates” or even mentions one needs to do some editing of the rpt.conf in order to turn it off?

It’s true the control states are not well documented. It would be good to have mentions (with links) as you suggested to each of the controlstates where a cop (or other) command is mentioned. Also, the whole idea of controlstates as kind of a super macro is not covered.

Controlstates are in a default rpt.conf and commented out. On the wiki controlstates are mentioned under the rpt.conf section. I guess I’m too close to the system and that’s why it so obvious to me that one would need to edit rpt.conf.

Actually there is this.

Thanks, that is helpful.

Still, one shouldn’t have to know what to look for in order to know what to look for (yes I know what I said).

Again, as my original need was to be able to disable TX timeouts, currently there is no practical way to find that information in the Wiki. There simply isn’t.

Heck, even a reference to ControlStates in the timeout section would help


That’s what I was trying to get you to do. Sure you don’t want a wiki account?

Once I get past my heavy workload, I’d consider it sure