TS-2000 Remote Base


I am looking to hook up a TS-2000 as a remote base on my repeater, I have found topics ranging from how to control the radio itself, so I have that part covered, however I haven’t been able to find instructions on how to hook up PTT, audio, etc. Curious if anyone has info they can share…


Jim, K6JWN

It would depend on preference and the hardware you may have.
If a PC, I would advise a parallel port and usb fob for audio.
Pi, you will need to buy a uri or make/hack one from a cm108 etc… see wiki

Jim, I agree with Mike…better to use a PC CM108/119 fob for audio and parallel port for COS/PTT. But in addition, Allstar Asterisk (app_rpt) doesn’t support any Kenwood HF radios. Here’s a list of what rigs are covered in the Allstar Asterisk code:

ft100(works on ft900)
kenwood (never sure which kenwood but appears VHF/UHF only)
There are a few other rig type supported but those are somewhat limited use.

The other group, HamVoip seems to have removed this code from their distro and in its place uses hamlib to control many different rigs. While hamlib does work well on its own, getting asterisk to talk to it is a cluster cluck. Not easy to set up. It does, however, control a TS2000. I have tried and added hamlib ti Allstar Asterisk but did not like the functionality or lack thereof. But then again I was controlling a FT900 and the code in app_rpt has FT-100 in it and that will do most commands for the FT900 so I stayed with the legacy code.

I tried to find the how-to for using hamlib with asterisk but can’t find it. I too would like to use my TS-480 for a remote but I just don’t like the hamlib part.

Good luck. Having a HF remote is super slick. Mine’s off being re-configured with syllabic-squelch for COS so I can have it sitting on a frequency and only open when someone speaks.

GeorgeC W2DB 2360 28599

I don’t have the time this eve to look it up…
But I do think Kenwood ts-440/450 is supported.
The controlling output is ascii and may work for simple control if newer radios are on the same basic system. I doubt kenwood would ever change the basic command set as well as any other manufacturer.
So you should be able to change freq,mode etc. Just don’t try anything fancy. If it is a feature that would not be present on a ts440 than I doubt you would have control of it.

If you try it, let us know how it works out.
I ‘THINK’ the setting is " kenwood " for radio. I also believe it to be more universal than any of the others. But I can’t say that I have tried it myself in app_rpt. But I have written control programs for them in the 90’s.