Trying to get a better understanding how the system works

I am looking to get into the system. But I have lots of questions and I cannot find the answers. Just curious to know does the system require a NXu-2 to work?
And also does your system require a static IP address. Or does it use something else?

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The answers to both of your questions is no. You just need a PC or Pi to install ASL and from there you can use it w/o a radio or you can connect a radio to the ASL node computer (PC or Pi) and use it that way. Basically the computer talks to the ASL servers to update a local database that contains all the other nodes that are available/registered. There are a couple of ports to forward on your router if you wish to allow incoming connections but not needed if you just want to connect to other nodes.
There are many resources and videos available online to help you along the way in addition to the forums.
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Clifford - KK6QMS

Thank you for answering all of my questions. Is there someone that I could talk to live on what to get on how I would like to operate the system? And what type of equipment and can I purchase cables for the equipment

Thank you
For your response

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Another question

The only question I have is, for a Node (radio link), what are the Pros/Cons of Ras-Pi vs PC.

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There are likely many people who would be happy to chat with you about it. Hopefully someone else here can chime in w suggestions or offers.

Re PC vs Pi I cannot speak to this I have always used RPi and never had any hardware issues and they work great. A simple web search “allstar node build” turned up a site with lots of good info-

There is also a nice full duplex build that was shared here on the forums recently using PC hardware-

So much info online these days- a YouTube search came up with many helpful vids. Some mention “headless” which is a node you use without rf/radios. Most folks prefer to use a radio (I sure do). You will also see “full duplex” mentioned. This is a radio setup that allows rx/tx to occur at the same time so you can hear if you are doubling or send dtmf commands (like disconnect) while the node is keyed up with audio coming in from the node you are connected to etc.


Is there anyone that I could talk to live on the phone to try and get some support on which stuff to buy for my own private Network? I’m just a little bit confused on a lot of things year. Was wondering if one of the team members can help me out with what I can buy

thank you very much.