Trouble installing Debian Stretch on a VM

Hi. I’m trying to install Allstar Link in a VM on my Linux box and having a very hard time. As far as I can tell, the way to do this is to first install Debian Stretch on the VM, then install Allstar on the Debian box. Installing Stretch is proving to be extremely difficult. I’m trying to install it from an ISO I found on the Debian website. However, since Stretch has fallen out of maintenance, there are no longer any packages for it on any of the Debian mirrors listed in the installer. (I tried dozens of them.) Because of this, it’s not possible to complete the installation.

Does anyone know of any ways to get around this? If not, are there any plans to update Allstar to run on a more modern version of Debian?

The betas are your only option. Take a look at Downloads - AllStarLink Wiki and install either the beta images or install from repo. The repo is likely a better choice for a VM.

I’ve been running a 64 bit version of ASL under a Debian 11 VM (under Proxmox) and it works fine