Trouble after adding Echolink

I got my allstar node up and running. I decided to add echolink which has locked everything up. So I disabled it in the module and now in Allmon I get the message couldn’t connect to Asterisk manager. It seems that all of my conf files are correct.
Any ideas?

The issues should not be related. But a slim chance they could be, but not likely.

Allmon is a separate web gui and the asterisk manager interface it uses is not related. Check user/pass in allmon and manager.conf. Check IP and port and be sure the port is open in the firewall and it points to the correct IP in your router if using from outside your nat.

Additionally, I would say before you make changes to a .conf file, why not make a back-up of it before editing. Fat finger errors can be hard to locate sometimes (easily overlooked), even for a well experienced user.

Thats what I don’t understand. I edited the echolink.conf, loaded it in module.conf and restarted. Had all of the issues then unloaded it in module.conf, restarted. Touched nothing else. Now I cant use the manager. Weird stuff.
Everything worked perfectly before.

One error at a time.

Post your modules.conf contents