Translating to Spanish

Is there a master file that can be used to translate Allstar to Spanish?

Years ago I helped a team translate a Windows program into Spanish and other languages it was like a community effort where everyone helped with the translations.
They posted like the master code with the words that needed translation and all you did was translate words or a sentence. Then it was reviewed and approved.

Can such a thing be done with Allstar?
I know the sound files are another thing. I am asking about the CORE of Allstar.

Wait for a better reply than mine…

but I believe this has been done by non-English countries with an issue yet to be resolved because we use the digit 2 for ‘to’ in our connection text.

ASL is in use in Spanish countries though.
I seem to remember a post somewhere in git with it included.

It appears that the issue above will be fixed in a future release from a recent post from a few days ago when someone had issues from the latest build.

Hope that helps a little.

Does Chrome break it, if you have it translate?

a little is the answer

The vocabulary is located in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/

And it is not synthesized speech. But the voice ‘Alison’ was part of the asterisk project and that was later expanded.

You can record your own and replace by file name. or use ‘nodenames’ in that directory to replace any node numbers with a phrase. That is automatic if present.

I’m not sure how you would intercept it to process through google without a lot of code work.
But I did write an config a long time ago to use translate as an app on the repeater for spoken words. It was pretty much useless though. It did work well. But for what that is not more convenient than going to a pc ? But not really the same as intercepting and replacing the output.

But perhaps a simlink ?

That part I understand and it is a daunting task with so many voice files.

But my question was more about translating like the initial setup dialog and such.

So supemon has been translated? or is that your personal page that you translated?


I think the screenshot just uses Google translate.

The initial setup scripts you are asking about are not actually part of Asterisk Core. Rather they are add-on scripts done by AllstarLink to assist with node setup. If it’s the setup scripts you want, then you would just need to go through the scripts in here: (ASL-Asterisk/allstar/post_install at develop · AllStarLink/ASL-Asterisk · GitHub) and translate all of the English prompts.

As you can see, it was not designed to pull the prompts from a language file or anything like that. The prompts are embedded in the bash scripting.

That’s going to be a lot of translating LOL

Already posted there and the post is dormant. I but heads with the maker of supermon about a year ago before I got my ham lic, I only had GMRS at the time. I was using supermon on GMRS and the owner of the group would not let me join unless I had a ham lic. I asked why I needed a lic and he said Because Supermon and Allstarlink were ONLY FOR HAM"S. Well I started researching the EULA and NOWHERE did it say that at least supermon was not just for Hams as a matter of fact the EULA said that it could be modified as long as the changes were shared with the community. after that he gave me access to the IO group but I never get any answers for any question I post LOL