Transceive 1.3 release


I wanted to share two notable improvements in the latest version of Transceive, the AllStarLink client app for macOS.

Firstly, the app now supports the “call token” DoS prevention challenge method. This enhancement boosts compatibility when connecting to nodes you don’t control, especially useful when utilizing AllStar’s public authentication. This improvement addresses an issue that surfaced after the HamVoIP release altered their default configuration to require this.

Secondly, Transceive has improved its handling of audio devices. It now dynamically detects when audio devices are added or removed. For example, if you plug in your AirPods, Transceive will automatically switch to them. By default, the app will use the audio device selected in macOS. Alternatively, you can specify a preferred device in the Settings, which Transceive will attempt to use first, if available.

Georges WH6AZ

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