Tethering hot spot mobile node not connecting

Hi everyone. So i have a node thats running - Hamvoip Current version - RPi2-3 Asterisk 1.4.23-pre.hamvoip-V1.7.1-04.

Im connecting it via my mobile phone in the car (hotspot). The connection between the phone and the node seems to be good and stable however connecting to other nodes is a pain and very unreliable. Sometimes it wont connect to anything even after ive reset the node and the hotspot. Sometimes it works first time. Its very frustrating. I can only assume thats its due to phone signal/network issue but im not sure thats the case?! Or is a combination of other nodes have problems plus poor signal (but then again i seem to have full bars and i know that in certain areas phone signal is VERY good)

If i knew exactly what the problem was then it wouldn’t be as frustrating.

Has anyone had the same issue? If so came up with a solution?

I’ve tried updating the astdb file but its still happening.


many thanks

Just based on what you have said,

The issue is likely a changing cell IP address and the time it takes to propagate that IP to other nodes in the network for security verification via /var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes.

This often happens because the cell network is constantly shifting your channels and even towers to adjust for changing connection structure inside their network and priorities within like contract public service usage. All transparent to you.

So, you might look at that file in the node and some other node to see if their is a difference in IP when there is an issue.

That is as simple as I can put it.
But while I do not know the timing for sure, I would guess the updates happen within 10-15 minutes.

So, if your ip changes and this gets registered before all nodes are updated with that info, the connection will be refused for a ‘non-match’ of your node number and the registered IP with it.

So, that is likely what you are up against, but hard to know for sure. Cell networks can be tricky.

You might run ‘ifconfig’ and see what your wan ip is during the process from the command line.

Thanks for getting back to me. So what IP address should i change it to?

I am not suggesting you change anything.
Don’t know enough about your set-up or cell network to say that
Just giving you a lead to chase down.
Obviously you are not in the US and I don’t know how cell networks function elsewhere, but I would assume at least similar.

So, what I was saying is that it is likely not an ‘error’ in your settings but a bit of a conflict to how app_rpt/ASL and cell networks have issues because of how each work.
You need to verify what is happening and make yourself a work-around for it.

Perhaps find a local who understands what I described in the previous post and see if that is valid. Then you can go about finding the remedy.

Mike, i THINK i may have found the issue. So instead of using Supermon on a web browser on my phone Im now using the App Node Remote and my node is connecting 99% of the time! So maybe it was something todo with Supernon, the web browser and or a combination of things.

Since you added the additional info, I see that my previous may be a bit off-base.

I might only add while I have never looked at the code of supermon, it is likely with most PHP code that it also uses javascript. So, you might want to be sure that javascript is enabled on the browser of your phone.
But that is all that stands out to me now.