Temperature Recording on Non Pi in Supermon

Hi Guys.

Bit of a Curve Ball but thought I would ask anyways.

I run Allstarlink on a Virtual Machine in an Out Building.

On the Supermon a Raspberry PI reports the CPU Temperature.

Has anyone Re-Jigged this to allow a USB Temperature Probe to be used so non PI based off-site locations can report the temperature ?.



We added a USB temperature dongle to our Raspberry Pi and added a shell script that captures the current readings every few minutes. I also tweaked the Supermon page to display the most recent temperature. I’m not sure how this will help you with your VM but I’m happy to share more details.


  • Allan

The question was about NON PI.

Most modern x86 platforms already have the hardware to monitor temps. Look for a linux program lm-sensors. You can create a script to call sensors and have links.php in supermon run the script and parse the output for display on the webpage. That’s how I do it

That was understood. I was just sharing our solution to monitor a temperature pulled from a USB dongle and displaying it on the Supermon page. The idea should work on any platform.