Telliing Allstar to use either eth0 or wlan0?

I have both IRLP and Allstar installed on the same Pi3. I want IRLP to have access ONLY to the internet and Allstar to have access ONLY to our local AREDN mesh network. As such, is there a way to tell Allstar to only use either eth0 or wlan0?

In iax.conf you can change the bind address from meaning all interfaces, to the IP address of just one interface. Maybe that will help.

Thanks! I’ll give that a try

Thanks for the link Mike. Very interesting but it turns out that IRLP has a daemon that is constantly looking at the status of both network interfaces and gives priority to eth0. So what happens during boot process won’t matter

As the current configuration is to use eth0 for Allstar and wlan0 for IRLP, seems to me the obvious solution is to reverse them so IRLP uses eth0 and Allstar uses wlan0

You didn’t say which one was giving the issue, but you asked ALLSTAR not IRLP.
Perhaps you need to consult the folks at IRLP. They likely have better answers :wink:
Disable the interface not needed are my only thoughts.
Outside of some special write, Networking is a OS issue I would think.

Hi Ken, I think the “natural” way to deali with these kinds of issues is by setting the appropriate routes at OS level. Another useful tool included in every linux distro is iptables, which allows you to configure filters to limit network traffic. If you could provide more details about your setup it would make it easier to understand what you want to achieve.