Telemetry volume

apologies for the neubie question but how to I reduce the voice telemetry volume, e.g. announcements of links? Allstar 2.0.0 can’t seem to find it in rpt.conf

tnx, John N4SJW

No apology necessary. We love news questions here. Besides that’s a really good question.

Add (or uncomment) these in your node stanza and set to your liking. I’m pretty sure you need our 2.0 beta for these to work.

telemnomdb = -3                ; Telemetry Nominal Amplitude reference in dB
telemduckdb = -15              ; Telemetry Ducking in dB when local or link voice tx in progress

Does ‘rpt fun’ work or it’s equivalent under Asterisk-CLI in ASL 2.0 beta6 ??

It does, yes. Is it not working for you?