System overwritten by IRLP - how to go back?

I have was setting up an IRLP node, unrelated to Allstar, on another machine on my LAN. Because I used the same root password on both machines and because I didn’t route port 22 properly, the IRLP remote installer installed IRLP over my Allstar Raspbery Pi. I see the Allstar files are still there, but the boot sequence doesn’t now startup Allstar.

What is the best way to get my machine back to normal? Should I make a copy of certain config files (please let me know which so I don’t miss one) and reinstall and then replace the default config files with mine? Or is there a standard startup file I can load or reconfigure to make it work again? (I am not well versed in Linux - I can make my way around the file system and edit config files, but I am still learning beyond than).

Thanks in advance.

73 Adrian VE7NZ

For a single node with very little customization I would just reimagined the SD card and work through the first time setup again.

For a server with a lot of nodes or hand customization the procedure is more complex.

  • Make a backup, if you can still login. See below
  • Re-image the SD card.
  • Boot the new image and set up networking, user ID, etc

Everything AllStar related is in /etc/asterisk. Make a copy of that directory and you have a complete backup of your node. Lot’s of folks like winSCP for that.

Another way to make a backup is to use our backup site. First configure /etc/asterisk/savenode.conf like so:

# config file for /usr/local/bin/savenode
NODE=<your node number>
PASSWORD=<your node password>

Then type save-node at the Linux CLI.

That will compress and copy your /etc/asterisk files to

To restore you files login to with your node number and your node password. You will see your last 4 backups. Download the latest, unarchive it and copy to /etc/asterisk.

When I start a new node I like to save the default asterisk directory and start fresh. With a good backup, I would rename the /etc/asterisk directory, then create a new /etc/asterisk directory (which is now empty), and then copy my restored backup files into empty /etc/asterisk.

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Thanks. So should I then do a fresh install on the Raspberry Pi then restore the asterisk files from backup? Or is there a way to fix the startup so that it starts AllStar and not IRLP? 73.

Probably is, but I can give you instructions from memory. But don’t you want to get IRLP off of your AllStar node?

Re-imaging your SD card will essentially wipe out your IRLP. That is a good thing.

You just wanna know how to start the service on system boot?
Easy just place ‘service asterisk start’ in your root cron and set to start at boot without the quotes.

Just learned of this backup option and configured for first time. Amazing! I was wondering what the savenode options were in the asl-menu and found this post. What a great resource to have online backup built into the node. Thanks!

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