SYBA CM119 Modification

Bought this years ago to modify for allstar and now I can’t find the mod. There’s lots of others out there but it’s like drinking from a firehose trying to find it.

Anyone have this mod for this fob?

Hi, I haven’t tried this myself but it looks like the same usb soundcard that you have:

Nowadays it is difficult to get a card with the packaged CM1xx chip and not the “glued” version.


Gustavo - LU7WA

Thanks, I’m not seeing the transistor for the keying circuit or the resistors. He must have them on the radio end?

Yep, he did a separate perf board. I’m might do the same.

Yes, it sounds like a good idea. Trying to put everything in the tiny enclosure can be difficult.

Gustavo - LU7WA