Support IPv6 in the future for ASL?

Any plans to support IPv6? It appears it is increasingly difficult for some to get access to IPv4 public IP addressing.


Yea, I have noticed.

I think one of the issues that have to be delt with are ‘backwards comparability’.

Anyone using an older version of the software are not going to be able to digest ipv6 in rpt_extnodes .

At least I think that is the case.
Not so much about making the next version ipv6 compatible. The OS’s already are.

Perhaps this could be done with a series of updates. There are more folks still using the ACID version than even I thought. Even I had dragged my feet on the acid version till asl1.01 but for good personal reason.

At vultr, you just have to pay a little more as they are in short supply. At least for the cheap instance. The $5 plan are ipv4 if you want.