Supermon will not connect to Asterick server

I have gone through installation instructions several times but still get the “Cannot connect to Asterick Server” message and hence no buttons. Suggestions?

It’s probably not you. They are having some issues. I’m getting the same error, on only one of my nodes. I have 3. And this stuff has been setup since January. Nothing has changed, and it all was working fine until today.

Allmon and Supermon have nothing to do with the AllStar infrastructure. Any problems are a configuration issue on the users system(s).

@k6jv please carefully examine both the allmon.ini.php and the manager.conf to be sure the settings are correct. What is you setup… ASL, HamVoIP, Allmon installed on your node or elsewhere?

Good Morning, I reinstalled everything and it all works now. Must have been operator error😀 Thanks for the reply

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