Supermon pi-star Dashboard Button tab/link

Hi all, I have just installed Allstarlink and Supermon 7.4+ on two rpi-5nodes. Working great.
I also use pi-star for DMR and would like to add a link to the allmon.ini file so I can access it while I have my Supermon dashboard up. I have tried various combinations with the ip address but no joy.

Any thoughts how I can add a link for my pi-star dashboard on the same lan?



You question is better suited to the user group at /supermon2

But in allmon, I added a link like so… (allmon,ini.php)

[How2 ASL-VPS @ Vultr]              <<-link text
url=   <<-link

no you do not need to do that as it is already built into the file.

edit your file and look for this entry:

// Enable a NEW Supermon button to launch any other Dashboard like Pi-Star:
$DVM_URL = “192.168.x.x:xx”;
$DVM_URL_NAME = “Pi-Star Dashboard”;

remove the // from infront of the lines with the $ in them. set the URL to the address of the Pi-star node and then save and refresh your supermon in your browser. it will show up at the top right about your node info boxes. you might need to change the port on your pi-star to work since it uses port 80 as well as your supermon