Supermon Login Failed

When I get to my Supermon page, it recognizes me there, but when I try to Login (upper-left corner of the page), I get Login Failed. I’ve been using the same login credentials that have always worked in the past.
I don’t see anywhere to reset my password or any other place to seek assistance.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

To change the Supermon password, I do the following:

Edit the file /etc/asterisk/manager.conf and replace you old password with your new password. I also remove any extra spaces at the end of the secret=, read= and write= lines.

In the supermon directory itself, edit the allmon.ini file and replace your old password with your new password.

Lastly, also in the supermon directory, issue the command:

htpasswd -cB .htpasswd

Do not type the <> symbols, just your user ID like: admin Then type & retype your new password when prompted.

I also reboot the node after the above changes are made.


your running a very old version of Supermon. Supermon2 v1.2 is the latest. to replace your passwords on Supermon or Supermon2 is the same way.

htpasswd -cB .htpasswd username

Replace username with what you want to login with then set your password. the file is stored in the supermon directory hidden call .htpasswd

you can get the lastest help and information on supermon and supermon2 at this site sraight from the author. | Topics