Supermon install, command not found

Just installed asl 2.0 on dell wyse 3040. All went well. But upon installing supermon, I stucked on this “command not found” error. Is there any other version of this supermon? Coz I cant remember I had this problem before on my first install. I am not that computer literate, and cant find a solution online. On the photo I posted, on the left is the instruction I found which i am trying to follow:

curl -s | sudo apt-key add -

apt update

apt-get dist-upgrade

Hope this helps - for me the 7.4 script has always just played (on Wyse/Dell 3040)… No hitches

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thanks for this. I’ll save this for future reference.
Strange that just before I read your comment, I’ve finally made it thru installing supermon for the nth time. Still have no idea what had happened.
Anyway, thanks again NU5D for your time to reply.