Supermon Favorites not working


I’m running two nodes on the same Raspberry Pi.

They both show up on my Supermon.

Recently, my Favorites list has NO entries, even though I have plenty of entries in my favorites.ini file. Here is what it looks like when I click my Favorites button:

Got any ideas why it comes up blank when I click on the drop-down arrow?

Thanks in advance…


Not used Supermon… How are they set in the first place?

upgrade to the new 7 + of supermon.also make sure that the file is there called favorites.ini
in the /srv/http/supermon directory. if it is not named correctly it will not show up. you can open it in notepad as it is a text file.

Supermon is in the directory called /srv/http/supermon. they are text files called favorites.ini. they can be edited by any text editor. there is when you log into it a button called configuration editor click it select the favorites.ini and it will allow you to edit it. all config files are .ini extension.
here are the instructions for you. the new 7+ does work on Allstar as well as the Hamvoip version.

Tim, The link above is some instructions on how to install Supermon on your ASL node. It works great on the Pi, PC, or a node running on a virtual machine. Paul (KN2R) has done it right. I’ve been using it since he released it, and very happy with it.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

My problem turned out to be that, while editing my favorites.ini file, my cat decided to jump into my lap, and then proceeds to step on my keyboard, causing some trash characters to go into the favorites.ini file. :slight_smile: I restored it from a previous version, and all is good now.

I have also had the same issue. Can you let me know where I can find the original favorites.ini file?