Supermon connecting to echolink

Hi i have issue when i type in certain node number into supermon it won,t connect but if i go into echolink hit certain node then back into supermon it said connected any help would be great thanks

Can you say ‘your node number’ in question
also the ‘certain node number’ giving you the non-connect.

My node number is 969975 the other nodes 109031 if i go in on the echolink program and connect the node it comes up on but supermon as connected but if i go directly in to supermon and type in node it woun.t connect red

There is more then one node won,t connect .

This node is not showing as registered. Can not connect across the network unless it is.

This node is not showing as registered.

In fact, I don’t see either node in the list of nodes configured in the network.

Are they private private nodes inside your NAT (both behind your own router) ?

I can’t help with supermon and it is not responsible for making and breaking connections.
It’s just a user interface. The core issue is in the app_rpt/ASLsoftware and it’s configuration.

If the Node is an Echolink node you must use *33nodenumber to connect to it. the node number must be 6 digits long. add 0’s to the begining of it if it is not ex: 69154 would become 069154.
to disconnect Echolink *13nodenumber

if you are trying to connect on allstar then you use *3nodenumber to disconnect use *1nodenumber to disconnect.
do not use echolink node numbers as allstar node numbers they are not interchangeable.

Brad N8PC

Just checking up on ya…

It dawned on me as it should have in the first place that you are only talking about echolink node numbers.
Dah… sorry about that.

if you have not solved this, they have a discussion board of their own.