Supermon 1 and 2 cannot connect to asterisk manager error

Ok so i have had a node running for about a year now. Working fine with supermon. So i heard about supermon 2 and decides to try to install it and since installing supermon 1 or 2 gets cannot connect to asterisk manager error message. I have checked the passwords are the same on all files. I am missing something has anyone the time to lend some advice?

Well, could be many things generally.
Some if that depends on your config. Access to asterisk manager is not unique to supermon.

Is the asterisk box inside the same NAT where you are trying to access the manager with supermon or allmon or other ? or is it even the same server as the web server accessing the manager ?

Tell us a bit more about your config so nobody needs to talk about every possible scenario.

But the 4 common issues are port, ip, user/pass and bindaddress because that is all that is generally needed outside of rights for user listed inside the manager config.

I am new to this. Everything was working before i added supermon2. So question i have is the ip address have to be Or the ip of my node? I can login to supermon and i can reboot the node from supermon from my phone outside my network. It just says cannot connect to asterisk manager. So my guess is something is wrong with the things you mentioned. I am puzzled because it was working fine on supermon 1 untill i installed supermon2… sorry that i am so ignorant

I am not a supermon user.
But avid user of the asterisk manager interface it has uses for many things.

My guess, would be something in supermon config that addresses the port to use or the IP it is located.

If the ASL system and webserver are the same machine,
you should just be able to address them as (internal)

Perhaps a supermon user can point you in the correct location of the configs, and likely there were some default changes brought forward when you changed versions that need config’d or even a change of ownership of files.

The best help for you might be to see the supermon2 user group at