Strange behavior with Echolink- when EL disconnected connects to last node used

UPDATE: “Fixed” - Very odd- I noticed I needed to add a 3 to the string *33434878 and pad with zeros after the 2nd 3. What is odd is a friend and I tested it the night before and it worked.

Stock build. Sometimes Echolink will not be connected and a restart solves it. The problem is- when EL is not connected and I go to connect to an EL node, ASL connects to whatever was the last connection! I tested it. It would be nice to be able to see if EL is connected from somewhere on the CLI or asl-menu but more importantly I do not want to connect to last node when EL is not connected. This is really odd as you enter for example *30434878 and it connects to the last node which could be an ASL node like 2353 or whatever. Is this known and is there some adjustment I can make to prevent this behavior?
Clifford - KK6QMS