Still questions about the voter

Here I am again a greeting to the whole group
I am still configuring two voter cards and I still have many without answers, I managed to configure the two cards and I also updated the signature to version 3 I wrote my voter. The two cards is now everything is ok except that those who intervene from the networks are retransmitted by the two cards while those who speak via radio is retransmitted to the net But it is not retransmitted towards the other card therefore towards the radio that is in another location … suggestions

It appears there may be misunderstanding about voter cards or perhaps AllStar in general. The operation depends on how the voter cards connect to a node or nodes. That in turn impacts the configuration of AllStar. It all depends on what you want to do.

  • Are you voting two receivers to one transmitter? If so you need a GPS receiver for each card. Both cards need to connect to one node number. Voter.conf would have site1 and site2 listed under node N.
  • Or do you have two separate non-voting repeaters? If so each card will connect to is own node number. No GPS required. Voter.conf would have site1 listed under node N and site2 listed under node Y.

Does that help any?