Stats Server, RT and Grafana Migration Almost Complete

The Stats Server, RT and Grafana are expected to be available tomorrow as the move of these was not completed before Tampa shut them off. Backups have been created. Stats server is almost ready. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your understand.

The stats server is coming back online but not all of it is working yet. The maps are one part that needs some attention. Our guys are on it so hang in there. They will get it fixed ASAP.

PS: It may take a while for the IP address change to reach you. Also, you may need to clear your browser cache.

The stats server is up. Once DNS settles in where you are all should be well.

The team did a lot of work on the stats server over the past week. It seems to be doing much better and is feeling pretty snappy. But it’s not perfect yet as once we did have all 8 CPUs peg at 100% and it became not responsive. We’ll be working on that.

I do have a favor to ask. If you are reporting status on a node that you’re not actually using, particular node 1999, could you remove the status reporting for it? It would help take some of the load off the server.

This WiKi post shows the lines you’d comment to stop status reporting.