SSH Reverse Tunnel using DTMF

I had a need to get command line access. But was having trouble with the host and the free internet I has given. Here is a write up on how to setup a SSH Reverse Tunnel and starting it with a DTMF command. If anyone knows how to start a SSH with a pid. That would be great. Please let me know if we can add anything to the howto.


DTMF SSH Reverse Tunnel - Google Docs.pdf (43.5 KB)

There are a few other ways that might be of interest to you to do this as well:

-ngrok (
-tmate (
-Gravitational Teleconsole (

Or you could just setup Gravitational Teleport and make it act as a gateway to your node.

And there is always socat with certificates:

Or you can get really really fancy and use the /dev/tcp filesystem found in bash:

This will open a file descriptor and point it at the virtual file of /dev/tcp//. This results in connecting the file descriptor to the remote tcp port and destination specified and creates a read and write file descriptor:

exec 4<>/dev/tcp//

The file descriptor here is 4 and is read and write

Now to send an GET over in HTTP 1.0 format (you can send whatever you want):
echo -e “GET / HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n” > &4

And you can read the results with:
cat <&4

Although your mileage may vary with this last one.


Thanks Stacy,

If you want to write something up. I’m sure other would appreciate it.



Thanks, David

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At some point I’ll probably put something about it on the Wiki.

If you get a chance, please also post this to the wiki too.



Autossh would be useful on this as well.

You can reset a tunnel from the server side, if ever needed. As well as keep a tunnel open for long periods.

Use this on several of my nodes to connect back to my primary server for access when needed.