Ssh from rpt.conf?

I’m trying to use DTMF sent to my ASL private node (1102) to SSH to another remote node (1100) on my system in order to connect and disconnect a 3rd private node from node 1100

On the 1102 node, in rpt.conf, I have

882 - cmd,ssh root@ "/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx 'rpt fun 1100 *8111009'"

883 - cmd,ssh root@ "/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx 'rpt fun 1100 *8131009'"

I have ssh set up to allow passwordless logins from the 1102 node to the 1100 node. If I run the above commands from the bash shell on 1102, they both work as they should - node 1009 is disconnected and connected to as appropriate.

However, when I enter *882 or *883 “over the air” on 1102, watching the ASL CLI (on 1102) shows the DTMF digits are being properly decoded but node 1100 never acts on the commands sent to it

Make sense?

I think I see the error of my ways… used a hyphen instead of equal sign…

We’re good now

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