Soundcard FOB and AllStarLink on OrangePi


I am sending this direct and also copying the app_rpt-users list.

AllStarLink runs on more then just the Raspberry Pi. We support and

encourage running and testing multiple platforms. I have run
AllStarLink on 2 of the OrangePi hardware platforms with great
success. The OrangePi PC and the NanoPi NEO. We have found the
armbian distribution <> is a very solid
distribution. I need to update the install script but I can tell you
for sure AllStarLink will run on a OrangePi.
If you are interested in joining the app_rpt-user list see:
73, Steve N4IRS�


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From: Leighton Judd To: ARM Allstar Subject: Re: [arm-allstar] Soundcard FOB
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Thanks Doug,
Are you able to point me in the right direction to convert the image for an
Orange Pi?


Hello sir steve any update about this allstarlink on orange pi?

Since this is directed at me, I’ll answer. When I made that post, I was still building the AllStarLink images. As of 2018, I am no longer directly involved in AllStarLink. For the current AllStarLink beta, you will have to ask the “devs”

Any work I’m doing to the AllStar code base is now discussed here

73, Steve N4IRS