Slow Login through Supermon

Is anyone else experiencing slow logins through Supermon? Have tried from multiple locations and get the same results. Once I’m in I still can’t connect to the outside world. Also cannot connect through the repeater. This was a working node until yesterday. Node number is 40036.

It sounds like you need to determine where exactly the problem is.
And it sounds like supermon more than your node config.
But that is hard to determine for sure based on your description.
Better help for supermon might be found at | Home

Ok lets try this again. About five days ago we started noticing issues with logging into the node with Supermon. Prior to that we have had no issues always logged in right away. So far we have done a firmware update no change. Had the local ISP check to make sure port 4569 isn’t being blocked. And they say its not. This is at a remote site 4 hours away from me so if I need to go there want to make sure I have a good game plan. Considering changing from 4569 to say 4571 and see if anything changes.

Hopefully you are not judging this from a cell phone connection.

I would think your problem is with supermon in some way.

I would do a ping test and see how long the network trip time is.

If it is good and you see no delays from a ssh connection that you would want to have in any case being 4 hours away from the system, then I would talk to the folks about it at the supermon user group.

If it’s not a network lag, the port should not matter unless you have something else going on internally.
You are going to have to narrow it down from what you can test/see on your end to know where to check next.