Sierra GX450 for AllStar Cellular Use

Has anyone used the Sierra Wireless GX450 with AllStar? These appear to be a very capable device and includes a VPN. They are surplus, no longer supported by the manufacture and sell on eBay for under $200. I’m thinking about getting one but would like to hear your thoughts on using this with AllStar.

I have been using the CradlePoint IBR650s which use Sierra modems. I’ve had great luck with the IBR and it looks like the eBay price is comparable. With either router, make sure of the modem.

I too use the cradlepoint IBR series.

Mine has a Sierra and a Telit LM960A18 modem.

For an open source option you may want to look at “rooter” a wrt version specifically setup for LTE modem cards.

For the above, mikrotik sells two “routerboards” with modem slots. (I think it’s an M33)

I have had very good luck with a Cradlepoint IBR600. The version numbers are a little confusing, so I recommend you review this document for the difference in Carrier and G3/G4 LTE capability


Wally KC4ANB

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I have been considering using cellular. Does anyone have ideas on how much data per month roughly they are using?

We have a GX450 for AllStar use at two of our repeater sites. One on AT&T and one on Verizon. I don’t know the exact usage but we have not exceeded the 15GB monthly limit in the few months we’ve been using them.

In each case the GX450 is connected to an RTCM. The node computer is in the cloud. The traffic likely will be different if the node computer is on site.