Shutting down my allstar node with dtmf command

Is there a way to shut down my allstar node using a dtmf command and have it anounce locally that its going down? Easier then using putty and the shutdown command!

First write a bash shell script file to do all the commands you want to preform

ie speak this that
disconnect links etc

Dont forget to set owner and rights of the file

in rpt.conf
xxx = cmd, /path/to/

xxx is command to run script. make sure it is unique and not similar to any command starting with the same digits.
as 12345 will never execute. 123 will. The fix for that would be to make all 123 commands 5 digits
so 12346 etc. makes it unique

Thank you Mike for responding. I have in rpt.conf B1 =cmd /sbin/poweroff and it works but would like to hear an announcement.
Can you please email me my email is good on . Not to tie up the group…thank you


There are a coupe of ways to do this.
Let me stick with one and may show you more about how it all works at the same time.

Now that you have a command to exec your script,
Make a new one to speak (localplay) the vocabulary you want (or 2,3,4 of them etc)
An old example from my files…
8901=localplay,/etc/asterisk/msg/wxfc ; play wx fcst local only

The available Allison vocabulary is in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/+++

Create a macro to execute them in order required.
And of course the last one will be to execute your shutdown cmd in the string.

where xxxx is the macro number to execute.

Try to keep all your new commands organized as you will create more. The messier it is, the harder to debug when you have issues.

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