Shutdown and Reboot Commands using DTMF

I’m needing to put reboot and shutdown commands into my node. I’d like to carry my pi node mobile, but I don’t want to just pull power from it when i’m ready to shut it down and move it back in the house. I would like to be able to shut the pi down using DTMF. Can someone walk me through putting a reboot and a shutdown command in my node where i can shut it down using DTMF? I know that Hamvoip has commands in their nodes, but I’m at the point where I refuse to use Hamvoip. Need to do this using ASL.

app_rpt can call a script with dtmf using cmd. In the [functions] stanza, add a dtmf function like so:

xxxx = cmd, /etc/asterisk/local/
Of course xxxx is a unique dtmf sequence.

Then create your script /etc/asterisk/local/

#! /usr/bin/bash
/usr/sbin/shutdown -h now

This post might be helpful Command to execute external script?

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