Setup Private Registration Server

I would like to create a 100% private network of linked repeaters. We are in 2 different states and do not want them connected full time.They are NOT ham repeaters so they can not register with Allstar. They also will not have static IP. So I would like to setup my own registration server on my server to keep track of my nodes and there IP addresses. We are setting up Allstar on our ham repeaters here, but my private system for security reasons and to prevent them for accidentally transmitting on frequencies they are not allowed on will never be able to connect to the Allstar system.

I think it would be possible to configure an Asterisk server to be your private registration server. For just a few nodes it would only be configuration, no source code involved. Founds like a fun project. I’m sure you’d learn a lot about Asterisk and app_rpt in the attempt. Give it a try.

I talked to some of my knowledge buddies about this and they are willing to help you set this up. However, we as AllStarLink can not host this for you. Do you have some place where, preferably a VM hosting service to put your registration server?

Yes I have a NAS drive with VM capabilities along with Linux support. It also has a static IP with a domain name. Pretty much need the software that apt-rpt checks into to create the node list and send the node list out. I don’t write code and am told old to start now. I appreciate the help…

Not sure that’s the best place long term for your host. But you can try it and later move if it doesn’t work out.

Here’s a place for you to start. Install Debian on the box and then try installing AllStar with these instructions.

My NAS has been running none stop for 5 years and it host a Plex Server, web server, ftp, backups with security cameras on it along with many other things. Currently there is 24TB of drive space on it. It is very stable. I’m also going to make a backup on a cloud server so if mine goes down. That said… The question is, is a Allstar installation required to have a registration server? I try not to install anything on the NAS that I won’t use. My Allstar’s are on Raspberry Pi’s. It appears the registration server (even though it connects to) is not part of Asterisk or apt-rpt. Could you please tell me the complete setup. Hope this doesn’t sound rude. I like to read through everything to complete a task before I start so I get a general idea of what is going on then I go through step by step so there is no surprises.

Stability is not the issue. You need a safe place where we can help you get this running. Another Pi running ASL, or even a small dedicated Intel box might be a better option. That way you don’t have to loose your NAS services while we develop the registration server.

Yes, registration happens on an AllStar server. I’ve heard that HamVoIP is working on or has some other (non AllStar, non open-source) method of registration.

Installing Allstar on your NAS will be pretty much the same as what you did on your Pi. The instructions I gave you are all I have. We don’t know how to build a registration server yet. We just thought we take your project on as an opportunity to learn.

This is going to be a learning effort for us as well as you. It’s going to take some time complete this project and there will be surprises along the way.

I will have to take some time and set one up. I will do it on a small pc.

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