Seting up App_rpt with Asterisk 16

Hi All,
I have been trying to integrate the app_rpt module with the Asterisk 16 version using URI. I have been able to compile app_rpt with Asterisk by upgrading the code of app_rpt.c. I have been trying to figure out how to configure it from .conf file to be used with the URI device. Please help if someone has experience in this.
I am using Asterisk16 on CentOS8

First let me tell you I am no guru, but I find this prety interessting.
When you say you need help with configuration, do you mean that you dont know what to put into the rpt.conf or how to choose the channel driver you need?

Also did you enabled the wanted channel drivers in the modules.conf file
load => ; DAHDI Telephony
load => ; CM1xx USB Cards with Radio Interface Channel Driver (DSP)
for usbradio or

load => ; CM1xx USB Cards with Radio Interface Channel Driver (No DSP)

for simpleusb

AllStar on a current version of Asterisk is pretty much the Holy Grail. There have been some efforts but none have succeeded as yet. Unfortunately it’s not a matter of conf files. What I hear is that app_rpt.c would need a nearly complete rewrite. Part of the issue is the conference bridge changed at version 1.6 and forward.

I have enabled the channels from modules.conf. Dahdi loaded fine, chan_usbradio and chan_simpleusb were not loaded.

I have created a node in rpt.conf(attached below)

When run asterisk after making the node…asterisk fail to run with the error of unable to find rx_channel.

Attaching the images of my node in rpt.conf and asterisk output:

We can see that pseudo in dahdi does not work. is it a dahdi problem or an app_rpt one? that I cant help you.