Set up all-star node as CW only?

Is it allowed to set up my node as CW only? Of course voice will be enabled as default, as is the way, but maybe I could have it for my node to be a CW node to received the signal from a computer or radio this way?

I have tested it with a HT through an sdr through my laptop and the morse signal is transmitted in the form of a VHF 600hz signal and not standard 200hz CW signal but the principle still applies.

Anyone else tried this?

CW ID is default, unless you make your own sound file ID. See the WIKI.

Know that it only plays on your local node. It does not travel to connected nodes as most telemetry,
Telemetry data is shared to connected nodes but you have options as to what gets announced on your node.

So, just make it legal with the rules in your country.