Seems like my updatenodelist.service failed everyday

Not really sure if updatenodelist.service is a part of allmon or allstar.

At amy rate, I see is failed just about everyday.

I have to reset-failed, stop, start and manually run astdb. It would run fine for awhile , next day I would see updatenodelist.service failed again.

Any suggestions?

73, Kit

Yes, I use to have that issue and never went to the source for it. I would always restart it.
After doing that to many times, I just added it to my

update nodes Restart

25 4 * * * root systemctl restart updatenodelist
25 12 * * * root systemctl restart updatenodelist
25 20 * * * root systemctl restart updatenodelist

Restarts it 3 times a day needed or not.
Seems to have cured what ill’d me. But the root issue is still there.

Mike, thanks. I guess I can do that. 73, Kit

My suspicion that I never traced down was that when it was supposed to happen, there was other activity and it just timed out.
But I don’t know that. No harm in my fix.

The ASL 2.0-beta6 resolves this issue as well as other improvements. See ASL Beta Documentation - AllStarLink Wiki

Images are on the main page of the Wiki.