Searching for Interesting AllStar nodes for a youth field day

Hi, we are looking for a list interesting or famous-location AllStar Nodes.

It is for a Youth Radio Science day in the end of June where all the youth will be making AllStar contacts. Does anybody have a good source for this?


David - K1AN

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No list that I am aware of, however, you should spend a little time looking some up yourself in advance from the allstar nodes list and perhaps even arrange specific times for links.

AllStar Link | Node List

I might also suggest some nodes utilizing DMR YSF DStar P25 link patches.

A little more footwork but the results will be very much better if you arrange in advance all your steps.

Mike, thank you for the suggestion. We’ll give it a go. 73, David - K1AN

Well David, I don’t float around like I use to and while many of the repeater nodes are still up and running, the vast majority of nodes now are personal stations.

So a visit to the WAN (2135) is always a good choice. WINSystem as well.
It use to be you could come aboard and ID with a ‘DEMO Statement’ and you would get reply’s from each station ID, Name and the state they were in and shows just how wide coverage is on the network at that time.

Not many know about the ‘DEMO’ cue anymore. Pot luck.

Perhaps some others will chime in and offer something else so I will try to keep the topic alive if I think of something else.

So David, any progress ?
I was wondering if this is for field day event station since I can’t remember when it is any more.

Hi Mike,

Not really. I’m still looking and we’d prefer to use allstar… but for this event we might have to fall back on echolink. Just seems to be more well-known sites… still, AllStar remains our favorite! Thanks for your information and assistance.


David - K1AN

Can you give me some details about your event.
date/time location (timezone)

One other lead for you to check…
Space Camp