Safe Shutdown of AllStar Node

I am trying to determine if there is a way to add a safe shutdown button to my AllStar node Supermon page ? Any advice or suggestions is appreciated.

Since you say ‘button’.
If it is a Pi, you could take one of the input pins
On any system using a USB URI on the input pin there

and assign it to a CMD -/- shell script where you just put the power off function in.
shutdown -P now

But I’m sure someone has given this more thought than I and will share it.

If you are handy with PHP, you can edit the webpage in either allmon or supermon and put a button of the same. But do it from a admin logon page only.
While I am not familiar with supermon, I know that allmon will allow you to add your own commands in the admin menu (php as well), and you would still need to create a xxxx=CMD, /your/ in rpt.conf
being your shutdown command in the script.

That’s a brief anyway.

If you’re talking about OS-level control to shut it down, I’d strongly recommend using a purpose-built tool to manage the host such as Cockpit.