RTCM client voting station

Hi everyone I am making more and more discoveries about the system and I found that there the possibility of having more receivers positioned in the transmission area of the node in simplex frequency and run the voter functionality, where I can find manuals and and configurationto be read regarding this functionality.
My unhealthy idea is to have a simplex node and also receive from a distant sdr receiving station but in a more strategic position an audio stream via server that can be voted and therefore would increase the reception coverage of the radio node.
Any information would be of great help and clarification

We actually had this idea too! It’s a feature we’ll be adding in the future. @wd6awp knows a lot about voter so I’ll pass it to him.

But out of the box functionality for SDRs isn’t supported at the moment. You’d have to get the audio into Asterisk somehow. We’re going to do this over USRP in the future.

DVSwitch has written a Python interface for USRP, so you could potentially adapt this:


Hi Rob it’s a pleasure to reread you, I’m glad that maybe my idea is not perhaps unhealthy and that in the future it will be added, yes I have already seen in dvs the interfaces I have already enabled on the node both in dmr and in ysf I am waiting for the release next for the reflector. Regarding the voter functionality I read and I also found something on the allstar wiki but it is not recent and we talk about an additional card with old programming, synchronization with gps and more that if you start to follow you get lost, I am not able to do it and therefore I pass. Anyway everything is ok thanks always for the answer