Rpt.conf cop61 gpio not working

Hi I have had this working before to control a remote Preamp
in simpleusb.conf i have added

gpio1=out1 ; set pin2 on uri to ON gpio1

and in rpt.conf

I use commands

C90=cop,61,GPIO=1 ; turn on gpio1
C92=cop61,GPIO=0 ;turn off gpio1

C90 and C92 refer to dtmf commands eg *C90 etc

Well the system boots and the deafult command in simpleusb.conf truns ON the GPIO1 pin2
so that working fine…


Nothing working regarding to the rpt commands??

Any Help Please I used this for years but it has stopped working since I started to use new install

Thanks Barry GM8SAU

I do seem to remember that some usb fobs are not really compliant.
RTLxxx ‘compatible’ may be a issue
You would have to look for that discussion. I never used them GPIO myself.

And at the same time, I should ask if you have other commands that are c9 as 2 digits

Pi or PC ?

Are the commands being read at asterisk… run this and watch the screen when you try.

asterisk -r -vvv

if so, what is the response/error from asterisk