RPi GPIO Pins for COS, PTT


I was curious and was wondering, can the GPIO headers on a Pi be used for COS detection and PTT? I know a CM108 sound card has GPIO but im just curious if anyone has gotten this to work.

If it does, what would I need to modify, specifically, what files?

Thank you!

Not at present.
You can manipulate GPIO but not for cos/ptt/tone.
It is in the usb code or parallel port of a PC as written.

Personally, I would prefer we used I2C interface for those.
It can be manipulated from anything.

Actually, yes.

Here’s an example. Scroll down to where it talks about events.

I have a Motorola SM50 that I wanted to see if I could manipulate PTT and COS via the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. I wanted to use the USB sound fob for TX and RX audio.

Also see…

Here is a hookup sheet I drew for a remote base project we are working on. It’s for an XPR4350. We prefer the RA-42 on a Pi 4B or Pi400 for our projects. I have built 3 RA-42s so far and all have worked flawlessly. I do add one small mod to that interface. The Pi GPIO interface is a FET array with Leds to protect the GPIO pins on the Pi. I actually built it for another project to drive relays, but repurposed one for this project. An off the shelf level converter would probably work also. We are still using the sound chip GPIO pins, but are using the Pi GPIO pins for channel steering remotely. Hope this hookup info helps you with ideas for your project. My email is good on QRZ.

73 Steve, KM5HT

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Any code to go with that ?

Yes. I tried writing what to do, and pasted a script here. The site mangled it to smithereens.

Use the ‘no formatting’ code tool in the toolbar </>

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