Rpi Beta Error Message

I am in the process of replacing AllStar on a Centos machine with a new Beta 2.0.0 version 6 on a raspberry pi. It seems to be working ok both for AllStar and a networked pbx that I have added.

However, I get errors upon doing a `rpt debug level 1’. The errors are coming up at a good clip, around 10 errors per second. The error reads:

[May 31 13:44:04] NOTICE[10040]: app_rpt.c:22314 rpt: node=41109 0x7660c008 0x7660c008 0 0 0

While the error is bad enough, what is worse is that it is filling up my syslog file at the same rate.

To trouble shoot this error, I removed from modules.conf all the entries for the pbx that I added. There was little change. The error condition persists but has a different hex value. Other than that, I am at a loss of how to proceed.

Can anyone point me in the direction of interpreting this error and how to eliminate it?

73, Mark, N2MH

I should add that I looked at line 22314 in the source code and can’t make heads or tails about what it is trying to do…

Hmm, that’s a new one. I get the same thing. See if turning off status reporting helps… comment the statpost_url= line in rpt.conf. I’d try it but don’t want to restart Asterisk right now.

We know that statpost causes frequent core dumps. Fortunately it doesn’t crash.

I don’t see any logs filling up. But yeah, that’s really bad for the Pi SD card.

I get the same thing with rpt debug level 1. My line number is different (app_rpt.c:22322) because I’m using a patch to fix the GPIO for the COS light on keyup events.

Interesting find, though technically this is not an error, it is a debug statement. It just happens to be one that gets printed out extremely often. Can you just leave the system at debug level 0 for normal operation?

I agree that this makes the debug log almost useless. Probably the if(debug) should be changed to something more like if(debug>6), or the whole line should just be commented out.

I created a pull request Remove debug statement in app_rpt that logs too often for debug 1 by encbar5 · Pull Request #29 · AllStarLink/ASL-Asterisk · GitHub