Routing with multiple nodes on a Pi

Need some help please getting some routing right between Pi’s on the same LAN.
I have setup several nodes on my LAN. Each has its own Pi, fixed IP address (e.g. 192.168.0.xx), port number, node number, and individual server. Port forwarding rules are set. Everything can connect to everything, within the LAN and to/from the WAN. Entries in [nodes] is setup so the LAN nodes know where to find each other. So far so good.

Now, the bit I can’t figure out. I have another Pi that is not connected to any radios. It operates a test node and a couple of Hubs (that’s the plan anyway). I can setup those three nodes in and internal nodes can connect to the first one, but not the other ones. I’ve tried various combinations of setting up dedicated servers and ports for each of the three nodes or having them use the same server and port. I suspect the answer lies in getting that right and then the right entries in extensions.conf and possibly iax.conf.

Thanks for the help.
73, Adrian VE7NZ

See this wiki diagram…

That configuration works for me provided I have only one node per IP address. I have three Pis, each with their own IP address and port, each with their own server all on my LAN. They can all talk to each other per the PDF. The challenge I am having is if I want to add a second node to one of the Pi’s. I cannot connect to that second node from one of the other nodes on my LAN. I am wondering if I need to have a Pi per node? (per our earlier discussion, I have done a Pi per node for nodes with radio controllers, for power reasons, but the node I am trying to put two or three nodes on is just running hubs w/o radio interfaces).

You need to have an entry in the [nodes] stanza for each node on your LAN with the correct IP address and port of its server. So if there two nodes on a server, all of your other servers need to have a [nodes] entry for both nodes pointing to the same IP address.


1111 = radio@,NONE              ; Node 1111 on this server
1112 = radio@,NONE      ; Node 1112 on server B 
1113 = radio@,NONE      ; Node 1113 on server B 
1114 = radio@,NONE      ; Node 1114 on server C 

Think of the [nodes] stanza as a hosts file. App_rpt looks there first for the node number and if found it uses that IP and port.

Thank you. That worked. I thought I had it that way originally but probably something was off. I note that I was using the 192.168.1.x address for “Node on this server” instead of which I am using now and maybe that made a difference? Would that matter?

Also properly understanding that it is one server per Pi helped.

73, Adrian VE7NZ

It would only matter if the 192… IP changed. is safe as it won’t ever change.