Robotic Sounds coming from my node

Hello Everyone,

I’m running ASL to a DMK URI to GM300s. I’m getting a robotic sounds on the repeater after about a week. Is this a bad URI or maybe a loop on/in the network I’m connected too? The group/network I’m connected to is using HamVoIP. The node showed connected to the group/network supermon page. But didn’t show up on the local node (rpt xnode 2062). But still connected.

I don’t think a URI would cause this. Nor do I think Supermon is related to the problem. What computer hardware are you using?

Hey Tim,

Ras Pi 3. When the problem happens. Still have a lot of ram left and cpu. I didn’t check the drive space. Reboot does clear it up.


Try turning off stats posting by commenting it out in rpt.conf

;statpost_url = ; Status update