RIM Maxtrac help!

I’m attempting to setup a low band (6 meter conversion) Maxtrac as a private node/remote base. I have a RIM Maxtrac interface, but can’t seem to find the correct settings to get it to work properly. I have no idea of the correct assy pin settings for the Maxtrac. Anyone setup a Maxtrac as a remote base, with or without channel steering? So far I can hear tx audio from the Maxtrac while it is connected to my main/public node, but I am not getting any receive audio back from the Maxtrac thru the RIM interface and into my main node. I know there are many ways to set the rear assy pins up, especially between the Maxtrac and Radius lines. Any info on basic pin settings to get this thing working would be most appreciated. Once I get tx and rx audio passing both ways, I may tackle channel steering.

Thanks in advance,
Bryan Johnson - K6RBJ

you can get a hold of Scott Zimmerman and ask him on thje how too. he also has notes on his web page

or if it is the rim lite


The Repeater Builder site is THE source for all Motorola surplus gear. The problem is likely the correct pin is not programmed for COS (and PL is you’re using that).

Bryan, what software and what codec are you using?

John N4SJW

The schematic provides radio programming info at the bottom left…

Jim, K6JWN