Restricted Linking Access

I think I know the answer to this but is there a way for me to restrict linking access to my node? Here the scenario there is an anonymous person with DTMFs who decides without ID’ing to link my node to another multimode system. On our local frequency we don’t realize it until a person from out of state lets us know. So routinely I’m checking the bubble chart to see what’s connected and I’m getting tired of it. Now I know I can blacklist a node from my node but I would rather not do that because this person (and I’m being kind) will take my node somewhere else. Unlike digital where you can see who the perp is you have no idea with Allstar. I think there is a logging part to Allstar but this will only reveal when the connection happened. What would be ideal is if there was a way to put in a secret DTMF code before linking the node. Any ideas group? Thanks and Happy New Year,


Yes you can change the prefix from * to *123 or whatever you want. Let me find you the wiki link. Be right back.

Here it is. It’s called inxlat.

That will change all your functions to require *123. If you just want to change the link connect function you can modify the line in functions to anything you want so long as the TT you select does not match another code. Like so…

1 = ilink,1             ; Disconnect specified link
2 = ilink,2             ; Connect specified link -- monitor only
;3 = ilink,3             ; Connect specified link -- tranceive
3881 = ilink,3             ; Connect specified link -- tranceive
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Thanks much. I’m all set.

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