Repetitive Audio Beep When Node is Connected

Hello All,

We had a new (three-weeks old) node connect our club node. All the time the connection was in place, there was a methodical beep across our node and also transmitted out from our repeater via RF as well as through ASL. Click the link below to listen to it:

Is this a “ping pong” problem or something else? How can we assist the node owner with correcting this?

Thank you.

The audio is not downloadable to me. Perhaps others ?

If you are using a simplex link to a rf repeater, you will likely get a ping pong unless the repeater is using a CTCSS pass-through scheme as well as your simplex radio.

The COR does not drop until the repeater drops. Not when the repeaters COR drops.
So, you have the issue of a repeater tail ping pong.

Perhaps that is it or explain better.

New Link to Beep Audio

Thank you. Please see if this link works to allow you to hear the recorded audio.

That to me sounds like the squelch circuit is interfering at the receiver.Transistor switching giving off emi/rfi as herd at the receiver.

The only remedies for that are not limited to the following:
emi/rfi protection at the cor
A higher squelch level.
Add a little delay to rxondelay= to perhaps 20
This will delay how long of a signal on the cor line before the software validates it and starts TXing again. Each number value is a 20ms delay. so 20 is 400ms or slightly less than half a second. You need to experiment with this one. i would start at 20 and work my way down until it comes back to keep it at a minimum required.

But fixing the core issue of emi/rfi would be the best option and it is coming from the squelch gate… Perhaps with a cap on the line at the source or the cor line or both…
Best to look at it on a scope so you know where it is being generated or picked up.

I have seen some who could not narrow it down or fix this just PL the machine. So a cor is a valid PL. Perhaps just a lazy fix. But I’m sure one of the above will fix the issue.

An important note you did not give is if the repeater in the audio was a linked repeater or the ASL machine itself. (LOCAL OR REMOTE)
The audio sounds local but I can’t tell.