Repeaterphone users

I have an offending user of the repeaterphone app using my system. (connect/disconnect repeatedly over & over again multiple times in a short time span) never gives a callsign, never says a word & won’t respond to calls (I have his call in my connections log). What I’m wondering is how do I stop this person? I have been in contact with the app author & others, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to block users of this app mainly because they don’t use node numbers & they can connect using only their log in credentials from allstar. I don’t like having to block or blacklist anyone but I need to stop the abuse of my system by this station. I have looked for an email address for him but can not find one. Is it possible that extensions or iax.conf can be edited to not allow connections by call sign? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is a way to disallow them in iax.conf. Many of the bigger hubs are doing that as SOP. I don’t have the instructions a my fingertips and I’m busy now.

FYI, I have asked the repeaterphone author and other venders to convert their systems to node number connections only. That way node operators could use black or white lists to limit access. But no changes yet. If you’d like to see that feature add to hotspots bug the vendor. Enough requests may motivate them.

I was told by the author today that he’s working on node numbers, but it sounded like it might only be an option for the app users.