Repeater wont key locally

I have searched on here and not coming up with anything. We have a repeater using Allstar 1.01 and it worked fine for months. The computer we were using to control it, locked up. After a reboot, we are having this issue. This is on a MTR2000 Moto repeater. Now, when we rebooted, we cant key it locally. Any audio through a link repeater comes through with no issue and transmits over the repeater and we can receive on our radios. Also, any Echolink audio that comes through the Echolink node in my controller, comes through with no issue. But when you take a radio locally and key it up, the repeater will not key. It WILL show a receive light on the repeater, so it is definitely receiving the transmission. But will not transmit.

So RX light on where ? On the RXr or in app_rpt or URI ?
What are you using for URI ?
Verify COR signal at URI when active.

You should be watching live verbose activity for error…
asterisk -rvvv

Its shows a receive light on the Repeater itself when a radio tries to transmit into it.
On verbose under asterisk -rvvv , it shows activity when using Echolink and shows activity when another repeater is talking thats linked to it. It doesnt move or anything show up when keyed locally.
The URI is a Masters Communications RA-40.
Not at the repeater site today, so cant check the COR signal. And really dont know how to test that directly anyway.

Well, you will have a signal from your RX that is active high or active low.
You just need to verify that the signal is present at the URI line for COR.
And is strong enough or weak enough depending on your logic.

We are trying to narrow the scope of the issue.