Remote Base on Pi3

I have an old system that has been running the ACID distro for several years and it has developed some hardware problems so I am in the process of replacing it with a Pi3. I had 2 nodes running on the system. The first node was connected to a repeater controller and the 2nd node is a 2M remote base, specifically a Kenwood Tm-271A. I have the first node working just fine but the remote base is not working at all. The audio and transmit are OK but the remote base commands are not working. I also have authlevel = 2 and it never prompts me to log in. Does the PI distro support remote bases? Out of desperation, I even took my config files from the ACID machine and dropped into the Pi with no success. Either it doesn’t support it now or I have missed something.

Thanks in advance

Jamey - WR4JW

Jamey are you using hamvoip distribution ? They do remote base with an application called rigctl. I have tried remote Hf using ASL and it works. I don’t think that part of the source code changed

GeorgeC W2DB
2360, 28599

No. I’m using the distro from the Allstar Link site at I’ve had it working on the ACID distro for years but the PC is dying and it takes up too much space at the repeater site so I wanted to switch to the Pi.