Remote base guy here again

I had a desire to try the v2 beta on a Pi3 B+ I have. So burned the image and got to work on it. but most important question first: is the remote base code still in this? What version of app_rpt is being used? Is it .332? I say this because I can get a “normal” node working on it but adding the remote base lines in rpt.conf, etc, and it just doesn’t work. I get a connect to the node but nothing to the HF radio (FT100 being used). Blinking LED on the RA-25 flashes when “remote = ft100” is commented out in rpt.conf but when that line is in it does not blink, not even when node gets connected to, and at that the connection does not last long, maybe 30 seconds and disconnects. When set as a simplex node not remote I get two way audio, key the node, etc.

Also the wpa_supplicant stuff missing something, not clear why it won’t work as is. It is started around PID 500 or so, just does not work, though manually I can bring up the node and use dhcpcd wlan0 to get connected.

I guess I can go back to asl v 1 remote which did work. The remote base stuff is a reason I liked ASL. Brand X removed the remote base code and slipped in hamlib control, which I really don’t like.

So is remote in there? What source was used?

I have started notes, based on version 1, to make a remote base how-to.

GeorgeC W2DB

I only have a few Pi’s and they run 1.01 and I think there was some differences or issues with wpasuplicant, you might even install it again. I just don’t remember it all.
Search the forum?

On the remote, take a look at the correct usb device in /dev
just check the permissions of the device you are using. ttyusbX . You may need to loosen it up a bit and allow all to execute/write. Experiment with that.

It seems to me I had an issue like that with a test Pi on B6. Thought it was isolated to just my instance. But I don’t use the beta for Pi anymore. And most of my stuff is PC.
For me, I just stuff them with to much extra stuff I was having issues with so I abandon it.
But I’m sure it was fine for others to use.

Hope you are using the latest ver as found at the asl site as there are ‘older versions’ of the beta that have other issues floating around out there.